Restaurante El Puntal


The El Puntal Restaurant's cuisine aims to create a veritable harmony of flavours, inviting the diner to enjoy a delicious and unforgettable dining experience.

our menu

The El Puntal restaurant menu is a veritable ode to regional cuisine with nods to international cuisine, where quality raw materials and technical perfection are the keys to a truly exquisite menu that pampers all the senses.

the restaurant

Caressed by the Cantabrian Sea breeze, the Eurostars Hotel Real restaurant has a neo-French atmosphere, as stylish and exquisite as its food. With twelve silver and flax tables, walls dressed in the English style and windows that reach to the sea, it is without a doubt the perfect setting for enjoying an unmatchable culinary experience.

The team

The chef Felipe Jimenez, along with the head waiter Andrés Fernández, are responsible for making this inspiring journey for the palate a reality and for making El Puntal a veritable sanctuary of flavours.

opening hours

Monday to Sunday

8.00 – 11.00pm
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